The third day of TESTFEST kicked off with a review of Tuesday’s triumphs from Chris Chorlton at Buckmore Park, before participants travelled to the Kier depot in Greenwich for remote urban tests delivered by Transport for London (TfL). The focus of the day; to test utilising cellular technology for the delivery of day one services in urban areas.

Trevor Hardy of TfL welcomed participants from many organisations and countries including Aston University, YoKoGo, TNO, V-Tron and Dynniq to Greenwich. Trevor outlined the day’s events whilst vehicles were prepared for a third day of testing. Remarkably, the sun was shining and participants were excited at the opportunity to test solely cellular delivered services.

The area surrounding the Kier depot ran as a single cellular site for testing and establishing communications with vehicles. IVS, RWW and Green Light Optimised Speed Advice (GLOSA) were tested in a single scenario route. The GLOSA services and IVS signs replicated real traffic control and traffic management indications, offering a huge range of measurement opportunities. As such, the day’s trial scenarios delivered substantive data.

TfL’s technical team worked extremely hard to overcome a technical setback, as the network link to TfL’s traffic control system failed to deliver real time street scenarios to the GLOSA control system. To ensure testing ran smoothly throughout the day, simulated messages were sent to vehicles in line with actual road network activity, which enabled testing to continue in line with the original plan. Participants drove the network in two separate testing phases across the day. A technical debrief after lunch highlighted some minor issues caused by transmission delays, which TfL have taken on board as pilot testing approaches. Participants were highly impressed with TfL’s expertise and the progress made in developing the systems for TESTFEST and beyond.

The day’s testing ended on a high. Ample data was recorded and all partners, organisations and technical specialists learnt more about how to improve delivery of cellular connectivity. The day closed with Trevor Hardy summarising lessons learnt from the day’s events, and Richard Silvester congratulated and thanked all involved in the success of the day.