Moving from cross-border interoperability testing to large scale deployment of C-ITS at the ITS World Congress in Copenhagen

While the InterCor Hybrid TESTFEST preparations are in full swing in the United Kingdom, several InterCor partners participated in the ITS World Congress in Copenhagen where they co-organised together with the C-ITS Corridor a session on cross-border deployment of C-ITS services.

ITS Copenhagen 2018 was a remarkable event with 10 000 important players from over 90 countries who met with the ambition of building a sustainable future. There was high attendance at sessions discussing the mobility challenges that cities are facing today and how they can be addressed through ITS solutions.

This one and a half hour session took place on Tuesday, 18 September at the Bella Congress Centre in Copenhagen, Denmark. The session was well attended by about 60 experts from Europe and other regions, which led to interesting discussions and interactions with the audience interested in the sizzling topic.

The session was moderated by Giacomo Somma, ERTICO-ITS Europe who introduced the speakers of the session including partners of both InterCor and C-ITS corridor project: Eric Ollinger, French Ministry of Transport , Gary Crockford, Department for Transport in the United Kingdom, Serge van Dam, Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water management (NL), Helge Molin, Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Sandro Berndt, German Federal Highway Research Institute, and Jan-Niklas Meier, Volkswagen.

During the session, current and upcoming experiences on cross-border interoperability testing of short-range Wi-Fi and cellular networks and their (hybrid) combination were presented. Speakers touched upon future perspectives for harmonized and coherent deployment of C-ITS solutions at large scale with a focus on organisational processes, including aspects like strategy, policy, procurement, standards and innovation.

Eric Ollinger presented the outcomes of a Security TESTFEST held in France in April 2018, where Public Key Infrastructure and common Certificate Policy were tested. Gary Crockford, focused his presentation on the upcoming Hybrid TESTFEST taking place in Kent (UK), 8-11 October 2018. During this event C-ITS services will be tested over short range ITS-G5 and cellular communication networks simultaneously and in a complimentary way. Serge van Dam showed how the Netherlands is getting ready for the roll-out of cooperative services and what issues still remain to be solved for road operators when it comes to 4G communication.

Helge Molin presented the C-ITS Corridor (Rotterdam-Frankfurt-Vienna) and how Austria is tackling the cooperative deployment and implementing C-ITS. Sandro Berndt presented the status in Germany, highlighting the challenges (also organisational) for an operational framework, the required interfaces, and harmonised profiles. Finally, Jan-Niklas Meier discussed the deployment of C2X-safety and how the automotive industry is collaborating with the road operators to deploy V2X technologies in order to reach the next level of traffic safety – towards zero-fatalities vision.

Eric Ollinger provided the audience with background to InterCor, the TESTFEST and explained what happened at the InterCor ‘PKI’ TESTFEST in Reims, France.