The InterCor A2M2 TESTFEST commenced at Buckmore Park in Chatham, Kent (UK) on Monday 8th October.  Thirty three participants from more than six countries, plus automotive companies, were welcomed.  Bench tests started the day followed by track testing which brought up some issues, with teams working hard to address these.

The afternoon saw participants start testing on the live strategic road network, with basic functions of ITS-G5 and cellular operations.  A 16km round trip heading north between junction 3 and junction 2 of the M2, where ten ITS-G5 roadside units had been deployed. The baseline tests provided a good start to the TESTFEST with more complex testing getting underway as the week progresses.

At the evening debrief, participants engaged in a lively discussion on their findings from their test drives and how they were receiving and connecting to the services. The UK team took feedback on board and are looking forward to testing tomorrow and for the rest of the week.