Operations in the United Kingdom

Pilot Area and services

The UK Department for Transport has established a partnership of Kent County Council, Transport for London and Highways England to pilot a linear 100 km connected/digital corridor on A102/A2/M2. The Corridor provides a challenging testbed combining different road including a major urban tunnel, motorway, rural dual carriageways and London urban and link roads in Kent. The Corridor is one of two TEN-T Corridors linking the centre of London to the rest of Europe. The majority of the route is on the Strategic Road Network, linking London with the TEN-T Port of Dover and major new developments including Bluewater Shopping Centre and Ebbsfleet. There are major intersections including the M25 and the route to Dartfor Tunnel The services identified and their potential supporting technology, which have been determined by detailed feasibility studies, are listed below.


SERVICE Communications implementation
PVD Probe Vehicle Data Separate G5 and cellular services
GLO Green Light Optimisation, speed assistance Separate G5 and cellular services
IVS In Vehicle Signing Separate G5 and cellular services
RWW Road Works Warning Separate G5 and cellular services

In addition to the expressway sections of the A2/M2, urban trials of C-ITS (GLO) will be undertaken in London and Kent.  The road network in London has been strategically chosen so that it connects to the A2 corridor, allowing continuity of services between the urban and inter-urban environments, whilst being close to the Core TENTEC airport London City, the Core TENTEC port of London and the international Financial Business District of Canary Wharf. Integrating different road networks is one of the key objectives of this pilot.  In addition to the Strategic Road Network, and the dense urban road network in London, the pilot will provide continuity of service on the local road network where it interfaces with the Strategic Road Network (at the M2 and M20). The introduction of GLOSA service will link the County town of Maidstone to the Corridor on the A229, an important local route which provides a strategic link between the M2 and M20 motorway.   These will enhance the current work to integrate the traffic control centre operations between the County and Highways England and optimise the role of connected vehicles in this context. The map below shows that there are a significant number of signalised junctions which will provide connected services for both adaptive timing systems and standalone signals.