Operations in France

Pilot Area

The French pilot aims at extending the SCOOP@F coverage north from Paris. It is entirely included in the TEN-T Core Network and covers the A1 motorway up to Lille and the A22 motorway between Lille and the Belgian border. An extension has been added from Lille towards Dunkirk and Calais through the A25 and A16.

A pilot will be set up in the northern region between Dunkirk, Calais and Boulogne-sur-Mer sea ports, the Eurotunnel site near Calais, as well as the multi-modal platforms in the Lille and Dourges region. This region has dense and high-volume traffic hotspots, especially for the transports of goods. Most of these hotspots are located directly on the TEN-T North Sea-Mediterranean Corridor, some on the extension (Dunkirk) and most on the E40/A16 motorway.

In addition, to ensure the continuity of services between the A1 and the roads equipped within SCOOP@F, additional sections such as ‘’la Francilienne’’ of the Paris outer ring road will be equipped in this project. While France is also the main crossing point from the continent to the UK and on the North Sea range, the northern regions of France are very important for international road transit and will be ideal for testing cross-border C-ITS interoperability.

The roll out and coordination of this pilot will be led by a regional innovation and competence centre (TTP/i-Trans) as the main logistics players and sites are in their network. The pilot is to focus on freight services, while the option to include possible safety related services will be available.

Key activities

The services developed within SCOOP@F (data collection, road works warning, on-board signalling of hazardous and unexpected events) will be extended, and the PKI developed within SCOOP@F will be extended.

A common certificate policy (CP) will be defined based on trust model 2c, while  Crypto agility and updatability of security mechanisms will also be developed. The harmonised trust-based system will be extended to support hybrid communications between the C-ITS stations and the PKI as well. The communication protocols with the PKI developed within SCOOP@F will be extended to include pseudonym renewal mechanisms.


MEDDE, SANEF, IFSTTAR, Telecom Paristech, University of Reims, University of Valenciennes, Opentrust, Gyptis, I-TRANS, Geoloc systems

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