Operations in Belgium

Pilot Area

Plans for wider roll-out include motorway sections of E17, R01, E19 between France and the Netherlands via Ghent and Antwerp and the E34 connecting Antwerp with Eindhoven (where a test site will be erected). The E19 section, between Antwerp (R1) and Brussels (R0), and the E40, between Brussels and Walloon/ Flanders border (just south of Leuven), are included.

All of these motorways are part of the TEN-T core network and the North Sea – Baltic and Rhine-Alpine Corridors. Plans also cover sections of the E313 and E314 motorways, part of the comprehensive network, and the R002 crossing from the Port of Antwerp (maritime port, Core network).

The C-ITS Services envisaged for these sections include Road Works Warnings, In vehicle Signage, Multi-modal Cargo Optimisation and (traffic management-related Tunnel Logistics).

A final decision on services and priorities for deployment will be taken as soon as analysis is realised and interoperable specifications/ guidelines for deployment are agreed, as part the project.