The C-Roads Platform is co-funded through the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) and is also an open platform. It allows for representatives from all ongoing C-ITS deployment activities across Europe to work together towards deployment of interoperable C-ITS services for European travellers.

The aim of the C-Roads Platform is to develop harmonised specifications, taking the EU-C-ITS platform recommendations into account, to connect all C-ITS deployments and to plan intensive cross-testing. The C-Roads Platform is making cross-border C-ITS services a reality today, laying down the foundations for the deployment of connected and automated vehicles throughout Europe.

This work will help to make European roads safer, traffic more efficient and reduce harmful emissions from transport. This will also benefit European economy as a whole as it needs a safe, reliable and efficient transport system.

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Connection with InterCor

To support a fast and harmonised implementation of smart mobility systems and services across Europe, the partners of INTERCOR will provide an active and substantial contribution to on-going initiatives like the C-ITS Platform, ERTICO innovation deployment platforms (TM 2.0, Digital Transport Infrastructure, and Mobility as a service) and the Amsterdam Group.

A link will also be established with C-ROADS on various work items: pilot monitoring, models for organisation and business, technical issues, and methods for evaluation and assessment. In line with the recommendations of the C-ITS Platform, the project will work on practical and robust solutions for cyber security, privacy, hybrid communication and access to in-vehicle data.

The project will bring in experts and experiences of on-going pilots like SCOOP@F and the C-ITS corridor between NL/Rotterdam, DE/Frankfurt and AT/Vienna. On the Dutch side this includes for example the shockwave project on the A58 with hybrid communication (cellular and ITS-G5) between Tilburg and Eindhoven and the innovation desk for traffic management in Helmond.

Not all partners will claim resources directly via this proposal where some have developed a separate C-ROADS proposal (e.g. France, Belgium). The Netherlands and UK will not submit a separate C-ROADS proposal to avoid additional overhead, create focus and also to establish a tight cooperation between the tests at the corridor, the national tables for standardisation and architecture and the proposed tactic platform.