Cross-border Interoperability TESTFEST

WHEN: 25-28 March 2019
WHERE: Antwerp, Belgium

The Flemish Ministry for Mobility and Public Works, ERTICO-ITS Europe and the InterCor project teams from France, the Netherlands and the UK, are proud to invite you to the fourth and final InterCor TESTFEST on Cross-border Interoperability of C-ITS Services. During this TESTFEST, vehicles will drive to pilot sites in the Flanders region in Belgium and the Netherlands.

The TESTFEST is open to anyone active in the C-ITS field. Interested public and private organizations (public authorities, road operators, systems suppliers, service providers, vehicle manufacturers) are invited to register and to take part by bringing devices or vehicles equipped with on-board units (suitable for the C-ITS services operating in the region) using ITS-G5 and/or cellular communication to test their interoperability with the InterCor RSUs and Back-office interfaces in Flanders and the Netherlands.

The main objective of this TESTFEST is to validate the international interoperability of the deployed Day 1 services.  

The Day 1-services to be tested in this open event will include Road Works WarningIn-Vehicle-Signage and GLOSA. The services will be provided using two communication channels: ITS-G5 and/or InterCor back-office interface (IF2), depending on geographical coverage.

The TESTFEST will conclude with a conference “Connecting European corridors – C-ITS services across borders”, which will take place in the Ramada Plaza hotel on Thursday, 28 March 2019.

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The registration is now closed. If you would still like to register, please contact

Preparatory webinars

In order to prepare for the TESTFEST, the InterCor team has organised two preparatory webinars. You can find the webinar recordings and presentations below:

Technical specifications

MAP profile v1.2
SPAT profile v1.2
Addendum SPAT Profile v1.2 – Time Interval Confidence
InterCor Common Application Log Format
InterCor Common Communication Log Format
InterCor Common Log Format Description
InterCor M03 Upgraded Specifications ITS-G5
InterCor M4 Upgraded Specifications Hybrid
InterCor M5 Upgraded Specifications PKI CP
InterCor M6 Upgraded Spceifications Services
PKI distribution centre
SCOOP PKI architecture and technical specifications
Flanders Category Codes + Example Scenarios
Message Examples DENM IVIM
Messages additional examples IVI-DENM-SPAT (unsigned IF2 Flanders in hex)
NL Dordrecht Corridor Scenario TESTFEST Services
InterCor TLM: Distribution Center Item List (which file is which RCA/AA/CRL/CTL)
InterCor TESTFEST – NL Pilot sites – routes (draft)
InterCor TESTFEST – Flanders Pilot Site – routes (draft)