The InterCor TESTFEST on Cross-border Interoperability started today in Antwerp, Belgium. The event is hosted by the Flemish Ministry for Mobility and Public Works.

After the welcome session, the teams started with first test runs on the E313-E34 highways around Antwerp. The deployed scenarios under test are covering the transmission of messages informing about road work warnings, speed limits, lane closures, etc. The TESTFEST participants are coming from the consortium partners from the four member states as well as – the InterCor TESTFEST being an open event – from third party companies.

The first results show that the messages transmitted by the Road Site Units (RSUs) installed on the motorway gantries are well received by the On-Board Units (OBUs) in the cars, correctly interpreted and displayed to the drivers via the respective Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs).

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