The Centro Tecnológico de Automoción de Galicia (CTAG), ERTICO – ITS Europe and the C-MobILE project consortium are proud to invite you to the C-MobILE TESTFEST on C-ITS Services in Vigo, Spain. During this TESTFEST, vehicles will be able to operate across the C-MobILE deployment site in and around the city of Vigo and at the CTAG premises .

The TESTFEST is open to anyone active in the C-ITS field. Interested public and private organizations (public authorities, road operators, systems suppliers, service providers, vehicle manufacturers) are invited to register and take part by bringing cellular devices and/or vehicles equipped with on-board units suitable for the C-MobILE services operating at the Vigo deployment site.

C-MobILE C-ITS services are equally deployed in the other C-MobILE deployment sites in Barcelona, Bordeaux, Copenhagen, Newcastle, North Brabant and Thessaloniki. The objective is to test the interoperability with the C-MobILE RSUs and back-office interfaces deployed locally.

The services to be tested in this open event are: Road works warning (RWW), Road Hazard Warning (RHW), In-Vehicle Signage (IVS), Slow or Stationary Vehicle Warning (SSVW) and Green Light Optimised Speed Advice (GLOSA). Services will be provided using two communication channels: ITS-G5 and cellular communication with the exception of SSVW which is provided via cellular only.

Click here for registration and more information on the preparatory webinars.