Day 3 of the InterCor TESTFEST in Dordrecht went smoothly, with perfect conditions for outside testing, good technical discussions and, most important of all, many test-drives providing useful data.

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After one and a half days of testing and technical discussions, which focused mostly on the choices and interpretations of the ETSI-standards the C-ITS Corridor project produced together with Germany and Austria, the real testing got underway.

Each of the participating teams approached the TESFEST differently. Some spent much of the day programming while others had already begun road-testing. The Aricent team, in particular, had managed to get their implementation working perfectly at an early stage, with each test scenario executed properly. The team even received CAM messages other test vehicles were transmitting – which were then also shown on the navigation screen.

The interface with the traffic control centre, which is so important for the Netherlands in getting information displayed above the road to the test vehicle automatically, also worked flawlessly. It was rewarding to see the changing information displayed above the road being shown directly in the vehicle during the tests.

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Below is another Vlog from the TESTFEST.