WHEN: 13 & 14 June 2018
WHERE: Helmond, Automotive Campus

InterCor partners from The Netherlands and United Kingdom invite you to the GLOSA PRE-TESTFEST on 13 and 14th of June in Brabant, Helmond.


On 13 and 14th of June (2018) the province of Brabant (NL) together with its Intercor partners in the UK will organize the GLOSA PRE-TESTFEST to validate the interoperability of ITS Hybrid GLOSA services based on the common set of specifications developed in the InterCor project. ERTICO ITS-Europe will moderate the public plenary session of this Testfest on June 14th.

This PRE-TESTFEST takes place in anticipation of the Hybrid TESTFEST in the UK in October 2018. It will verify the Intercor standards for:

  • (in-car) GLOSA services over cellular and ITS-G5 communication networks
  • GLOSA hybrid data provisioning over Intercor Hybrid Data interface IF2


(In-car) GLOSA services, via ITS-G5 and cellular communication networks, will be tested in the city of Helmond, nearby the Automotive Campus on the trajectory between Heeklaan and Engelseweg. Evaluation and plenary sessions take place on both days at the Automotive Campus (see programme).


  • Cross border cooperation between UK and NL
  • Interoperability of specifications and systems
  • Hybrid (ITS-G5 and cellular, both separate and parallel) In-car GLOSA services
  • InterCor Interface 2 and Talking Traffic TLEX
Wednesday June 13 Thursday June 14
Morning (starting around 10:00 )

Briefing and test session one

Morning (starting around 7:00)

Test sessions four and five, including debriefing

Lunch and first experiences


Afternoon (starting around 13:00)

Test session two and three including debriefing

Afternoon (starting around 13:00)

Plenary sessions (details will follow):

–         technical evaluation

–         communication event (presentations and discussion)

Networking and social activity Event closing


Participants in PRE-TESTFEST are:

  • UK InterCor Partnership
  • Dutch partners: Be-Mobile/Flitsmeister, Dynniq, Swarco, V-Tron, Helmond Municipality, Province of North-Brabant and Rijkswaterstaat.

The following service roles will be implemented and integrated by the partners:

  • Traffic Light Controller and ITS-G5 Road Side Unit operator
  • Service provider for ITS-G5 On-Board Units
  • Service provider for cellular network based in-vehicle devices (smartphone)
  • Cloud data (IF2 and TLEX) operator


This PRE-TESTFEST will be organized as a small-scale TESTFEST for the interoperability of GLOSA services profiled in InterCor and Talking Traffic in the Netherlands. The PRE-TESTFEST is open to all InterCor partners and anyone active in field of C-ITS. This PRE-TESTFEST is also a preparation for the Hybrid TESTFEST that will be organized in October in the UK.

Interested public and private organizations are welcome to join debriefing sessions and in particular our plenary sessions on June 14, Thursday afternoon.

Registration via this link


Technical documents
References to specifications
IF2 specification
RSU Example messages
Logging information

Prior to the PRE-TESTFEST, two days are planned for testing and preparations at the test location in Helmond:

  • SAT1 testing event May 14th
  • SAT2 testing event May 29th


Interested parties can contact the organization team to find out how they can participate.

Oene Kerstjens – Project Manager InterCor Brabant (NL) – (+32 494 33 57 73)
Anne Diepenbroek – Support PRE-TESTFEST Brabant (NL) – (+31 621 70 65 43)